Shaw Valves is a global supplier for the world’s most demanding valve applications. Its products significantly contribute to the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and the reduction of environmental pollution. Their unique Bellows Sealed and Packed Gland globe valve designs ranging in size from 1/2” through to 14” are suitable for:

Chlorine (Cl2)
Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride (AHCl)
Phosgene (CoCl2)
Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride (AHF)
Hydrogen Fluoride Alkylate (HF-Alky)
and other similar dangerous fluids

Shaw Valves is recognised for its commitment to quality. It is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001 and its designs have been approved by Euro Chlor for liquid chlorine service. Its products also meet all the relevant requirements of the Chlorine Institute.